Administrative & Regulatory Law

Over the years, federal, state, and local governmental agencies have imposed and implemented regulatory and licensing requirements for the businesses and individuals that they regulate. These regulations often require a new or existing business to answer questions instigated by a disgruntled customer or a competitor.

Agencies may send out investigators, issue subpoenas, or commence proceedings. At times, those regulated by an agency believe the questions raised are political in nature or reflect little practical understanding or appreciation of the day-to-day business’s operations. Failure to respond satisfactorily to agency requests or demands can result in the agency withdrawing a license, disciplining or fining a business, imposing expensive requirements on the business, or refusing to act upon a necessary permit that the business needs to start or complete a project. A steady stream of new laws, new regulations, new directives, new interpretations of existing laws, or an agency’s new focus can make it difficult and costly for businesses and individuals to stay abreast of these developments, comply with these requirements, and respond and defend inquiries and charges.

The attorneys at Craft & Sheppard have responded to and appeared before numerous agencies defending businesses or individuals, been involved in numerous contested case hearings, and answered or responded to questions on complex matters. We stand ready to assist or represent your interest in these matters.

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